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From André Malo>
Subject Re: Pondering strings in Apache 3.x
Date Wed, 20 Jul 2005 06:47:36 GMT
* Brian Pane wrote:

> And although I like the performance benefits of the pool memory
> allocators, I remember how tricky it was to debug some of the
> pool and bucket lifetime problems that we encountered during
> the development of 2.0 (especially in filters).  All things considered,
> I don't think I'd mind the overhead of a garbage collection thread.

The pool problems should be solved now... (mostly)

> Thus I can't help but wonder: Would 3.0 be a good time to consider
> trying a Java-based httpd?

If you ask me: Nope. Try Tomcat instead ;)

What we need for 3.0 is just a clean design and definitions of what is core 
(not much, imo) and what is not core. This was started for 2.0 but never 
finished. Further a standardized exception handling would be nice (like 
The "core" could provide several convenience data types like ap_string_t.

I would, btw, just store the length of the string in such a type. Other 
properties (url-encoding state, ...) imo belong to a different layer. Like 
a bucket or just a wrapper type.

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