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From Maxime Petazzoni <>
Subject Re: mod_mbox: js speed and mbox size
Date Wed, 13 Jul 2005 23:00:36 GMT
> would preprocessing (and caching) some of this stuff on the server
> help?  it might make your 450k XML file larger, but you could
> provide some of the thread info in the XML file itself.

The XML answer already contains thread information.

> this is why I suggested openrico .. they have done all of this for
> you, and have their code used by a wider range of people. the code
> has a ASL2 licence.. it is perfect for httpd.

Yep, I have to take a closer look to it. Anyway, I think the page
system is a good alternative. I won't work much tonight because I'm
really exhausted. Living GMT+8 in France is not really
strength-keeping :)

> >This is a cool project, glad it's on the httpd dev list.

And I'm glad to be part of it :)

- Sam

Maxime Petazzoni (
 -- gone crazy, back soon. leave message.

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