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From Jem Berkes <>
Subject Questions from a newbie
Date Sun, 03 Jul 2005 03:18:10 GMT
I'm just getting into module development for the first time (thanks to 
impetus provided by Google's Summer of Code)... I've got a test 
environment with 2.1.6-alpha and have succeeded in writing minimal modules 
and getting them working on a live server. But I have a few nagging 
questions that I hope someone can help me with.

1) ap_hook_* functions... obviously, there are lots of these that are used 
to register hooks. Where can I find a reference list of the available 
functions? I'm looking through code of modules, and it leaves me 
wondering, how would I know what hook possibilities exist?

2) I'm having trouble navigating and finding facilities I need. Let's say 
I was looking for something that turns out to be satisfied by ap_fwrite(), 
in the API for filters. Where should I start, to lead myself to finding 
that function? I thought but Google shows no mention of 
ap_fwrite within that site.

3) I can understand how a module can tie into Apache's normal processing 
to intercept connections, requests, etc. But what is the structure and 
mechanism by which one module can make use of another module? I can use C 
functions but there must be some kind of standardized interface for 
inter-modular calls?

For example, for SMTP support we are contemplating the protocol unit 
(mod_smtpd) passing on mail to a module that specifically delivers mail. 
How do those two entities communicate with each other? A mod_smtp_deliver 
would get a potentially large chunk of data (const char* ?) from mod_smtpd 
and deliver the mail via procmail, etc. This is a loose binding by the way 
since all received mails do not necessarily have to be delivered.

- Jem Berkes

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