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From Matthieu Estrade <>
Subject Re: more mod_smtpd stuff [was Summer of Code]
Date Fri, 01 Jul 2005 10:09:13 GMT

>> Jem Berkes wrote:
>>> To address one of the points brought up on IRC, if there is actually a
>>> non-experimental target for this software any time soon it would make
>>> more sense to support the 2.0 server as I think few production servers
>>> would be running 2.1?

I am not sure all of this smtp stuff will be finished, stable, soon, so 
i think
it's better to prepare code and module for future release, so 2.1.
Doing a mod_smtpd right now with feature is impossible, look how many years it
took for all the others, or just look httpd life...

>> I think that deciding between 2.1 and 2.0 isn't a big deal since we 
>> can have source compatibility between them. You do make a good point

I think 2.1 is a good choice because we can maybe start a code refactoring to
make httpd become apache-2.1 without the protocol name and able to compile
without http support. (we are far from this, i agree).
Coding seriously a new protocol handling is interesting imho to do this.

>> when you mention all the poeple who still use 1.3.

one dot what ??? :p

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