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From "Jorge Schrauwen" <>
Subject Re: 2.1.5 on Friday
Date Fri, 17 Jun 2005 14:46:33 GMT
Reply seemd to be missing :(
So i'll post again.

First i updated awk.exe, i seem to have had the same one as online, i
updated anyway to be sure.

This time i wanted to do a full build with zlib and ssl.

First Problem:
SSL build commands as described in the documenation didn't work.
These commands however did:
perl Configure --openssldir=C:/Apache21/bin VC-WIN32
nmake -f ms\ntdll.mak

once that was compiled i unpacked apr-iconv into the correct folder.

I then opend apache.dsw in and let it convert it to a sln file.
I then tried to build apache from cmd(using command promt).

I got some errors on apr, aprutil and apriconv, after removing the
ending "," is the rc files for those library's it went past that stage
so all was good.

Untill i hit zlib, it didn't compile it kept complaining about
zlib.lib. (i tried zlib 1.1.4 and zlib 1.2.1)
I then went into srclib\zlib\projects\visualc6 and opened zlib.dsw.
Then i build "LIB Release" it generated zlib.lib which i moved to to

Now the building contineud on till the file copieing part. there it
was stuck. It seems giving \apache21 as install dir didn't go to wel.
once i made it c:\apache21 the build went fine!

Now all seemed to be fine.
The config files where created and no error's.

I tried writing a simple perl script to delete all the pdb files in
the install dir but my perl skill's aren't so great and I faild.
So I manual delete them to save diskspace.

I then edited the listen directive to be 8080 so I could test it a bit
along side my other apache instance. 
It started without a problem.

So asside from the problems whit the rc's of the apr projects and the
zlib problems all seems to build fine out of the box without any
problems(well windows users need to run first)

I hope this information is usefull.

I would be more than willing to do more testing if needed.


--- In, "William A. Rowe, Jr." <wrowe@r...>
> At 04:05 AM 6/14/2005, Paul Querna wrote:
> >I am volunteering to RM 2.1.5 on this Friday, June 17.
> >
> >We have had several big changes and fixes from the last release of
2.1.3 on 2/22/2005.
> >
> >I am planning to bundle APR 1.1.1 and APR-Util 1.1.2.
> If the APR project has new releases, would you please consider
> those, instead?  There is -alot- of activity on the bug-fixing
> side of that world, especially in network APIs.
> >I would like to be able to put up win32 binaries, just to get a
wider testing group.  Would anyone who could do those be able to?  
> Happy to.
> >I know there are still some unresolved issues with APR-Iconv for
win32 binaries, but there are so many other areas in httpd that have
changed, just testing on the win32 platform would be helpful.
> These issues are addressed by a patch I'll be committing later
> today for apr (core).  apr_dso_filepath_get() will track down that
> filepath we were hunting for.
> In any case, if this is an alpha, I have no hesitation in supporting
> another round of testing and review.  I do have a huge issue if the
> project tags any flavor before addressing the HTTP Request flaws, but
> your Friday window gives folks an opportunity to investigate those.
> Bill

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