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From Gregory Steuck <>
Subject Re: mod_proxy_http 2.1.5-HEAD connection pooling
Date Wed, 08 Jun 2005 07:26:01 GMT
    Bill> LOL - actually the connection pooling has been designed from
    Bill> the ground up for multiple protocols, but is only effective
    Bill> when the back-ends can provide feedback, as ajp13 does, and
    Bill> http does not yet.  Some have kicked around the idea of a
    Bill> proxy load balancing aware http response, with some extra
    Bill> x-load: headers which would provide enough for mod_proxy_http
    Bill> to be deterministic.  Right now only mod_proxy_ajp is
    Bill> reasonably deterministic about load, IIUC.

I do not even need mod_proxy_http to balance the load. There is a load
balancer for that between Apaches in the web tier and Tomcats in the app
tier. Apache will see just a single BigIP. So, I only need Apache to
handle response buffering for slowly reading clients while Tomcats
continue handling more requests.

    Bill> As I mentioned above, the HTTP response headers really don't
    Bill> provide enough feedback to do anything other than round-robin
    Bill> or failover of load.  Feel free to file it as an enhancement
    Bill> request, of course.

Yep, and I do not even need round-robin or failover, my load balancer
handles that. So, I guess I will describe this use case as a feature
request and we will see if somebody feels like scratching it.


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