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From luca regini <>
Subject How can shared modules parse the configuration tree(ap_conftree)???
Date Mon, 27 Jun 2005 09:47:24 GMT
I see that the symbols ap_conftree and ap_top_module are not defined in any 
header but only in the source code. Mod_info uses this symbols. 
I need to do something similar to what mod_info does but in a shared module. 
Is there a way to do it?? The fact that ap_conftree and ap_top_module are 
not defined in any header does mean that the API is not stable and probably 
will change???
 I need to parse the configuration tree because i would like to chance 
programmatically the value of a cookie in an input filter. However the right 
value for the cookie is directory - dependent and per directory 
configuration is not available in an input filter. So my idea whas to desume 
the right value parsing the per directory directives i was interested in at 
module startup.
 I would like anyway to do this in a shared module, because i would'nt like 
to distribute a different version of Apache.
 I have been digging very deeply in Apache source code and i am pretty 
clueless now.
Thanks in advance for your attention.
Luca Regini

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