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From luca regini <>
Subject Re: Accessing to per Directory configuration from an input filter: HOW?
Date Thu, 23 Jun 2005 09:47:59 GMT
Sorry if i disturb you but i still don't manage to solve my problems. Is it 
possible to alter cookie in the header_parser hook?? I don't mean to alter 
the value of the apr_table of the apache server that contains cookie values 
i really mean changing cookies in the request so that some underling (mostly 
java) web applications can se the right value for these special cookies. We 
are trying to reproduce the functioning of a security infracstructure 
developed originally for MS. It would really be a pity if we don't manage to 
do with apache what we alreay have in production with IIS.
 Thanks in advance for your attention.

 On 6/22/05, Nick Kew <> wrote: 
> luca regini wrote:
> > I need to write an input filter that is able to change the value of some
> > cookies. However the name of the cookie to be changed is a per- 
> directory
> > value. So i have an input filter whose behavior depends programmatically
> > from per-directory configuration. How should i gain information about 
> per
> > -dir configuration from within a filter??
> > Thanks in advance
> > Luca
> >
> Same as from anywhere else.
> But you don't want to do that in an input filter. Use the header_parser
> hook. Or, if it needs to happen before/after some other module which
> views cookies in a different hook, move as appropriate.
> --
> Nick Kew

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