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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: 2.1.5 on Friday
Date Tue, 14 Jun 2005 14:08:13 GMT
At 04:05 AM 6/14/2005, Paul Querna wrote:
>I am volunteering to RM 2.1.5 on this Friday, June 17.
>We have had several big changes and fixes from the last release of 2.1.3 on 2/22/2005.
>I am planning to bundle APR 1.1.1 and APR-Util 1.1.2.

If the APR project has new releases, would you please consider
those, instead?  There is -alot- of activity on the bug-fixing
side of that world, especially in network APIs.

>I would like to be able to put up win32 binaries, just to get a wider testing group. 
Would anyone who could do those be able to?  

Happy to.

>I know there are still some unresolved issues with APR-Iconv for win32 binaries, but there
are so many other areas in httpd that have changed, just testing on the win32 platform would
be helpful.

These issues are addressed by a patch I'll be committing later
today for apr (core).  apr_dso_filepath_get() will track down that filepath we were hunting for.

In any case, if this is an alpha, I have no hesitation in supporting
another round of testing and review.  I do have a huge issue if the
project tags any flavor before addressing the HTTP Request flaws, but
your Friday window gives folks an opportunity to investigate those.


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