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From Michael Vergoz>
Subject apr mmap/ & shm/ problem.
Date Wed, 29 Jun 2005 21:06:51 GMT

Just have a look at

I need feedback about using my mmap design (something lost ? somethings maybe 
added ?).
This design will be very useful for the new shm design.
I have a local copy of my own shm (the copyright is handled by my company). I 
would like to do a proposal to port my shm model to Apache.
My shm model support dynamic extension. 

But at the moment we have to fix mmap. I have added 2 major things.
1) Portable remap.
2) Internal pager. Original_page_size * Pager. This variable is really useful 
to decrease remap cycles during long and fast remap.

Here is a small definition of symbols :

apr_mem_pager - align size to the biggest page (with multiple).

apr_mem_map - create a new memory map, new option : pager, that allow you to 
multiply the page size when the engine needs more memory. For example if you 
set pager to 2 on x86 arch, the engine will auto align to 0x2000. 

apr_mem_unmap - destroy a map.

apr_mem_remap - memory map reallocation. You can set a unaligned size, the 
engine will auto align it.

apr_mem_protection - change the protection of a map.

apr_mem_sync - sync the memory if a file is projected as SHARED.

If you think that i should add something....

The SHM proof-of-concept will be avaible as soon as apache devel justify me :)

To make MMAP/SHM apr-ready i have to pass through steps.
Apr type link
Apr open/close/seek link
Indentation :)

PS: my mmap was test on Linux (2.4 / 2.6) and Darwin, see source for more 

Sorry for my p0000r english.
Michael Vergoz

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