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From Eric Covener <>
Subject [PATCH] htdbm group support
Date Thu, 23 Jun 2005 21:11:32 GMT
(An earlier patch I sent included changing htdbm to use apr_getopt --
this one retains the style of htdbm in the new parameter)

This patch adds support for creating combined AuthDBMUserFile /
AuthDMBGroupFile dbm files of the format:

key=username, value=encyryptedPass:group1,group2:ignored comment

This is the same format dbmmanage uses.  There isn't a straightforward
way in htdbm to create key=user,value=group AuthDBMGroupFiles
previously or with this patch.

In current htdbm, you can only get groups in a roundabout way by
specifying the -t (comment) option and including an embedded colon in
the comment field.    This is unintended consequence is removed with

This patch adds a -g (groups) option and disallows colons in the
string representing the groups (but allows them in comments).

For example In past versions a comment of "group1:my comment" would be
interpreted by mod_authz_dbm as being a member of group1 -- this patch
makes sure the group field is empty if not specified (and allows a
list of groups to be specified on the command line)

Eric Covener

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