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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: problem starting apache - __mcount runtime defn not found.
Date Fri, 06 May 2005 12:17:08 GMT
On 5/5/05, Balaji <> wrote:

>             I have built an apache dso using the make system on AIX. But
> when I do an "apachectl startssl", it throws the following error: 
> Cannot load
> /home/rbalaji/usr/local/apache2/modules/ into
> server: rtl 
> d: 0712-001 Symbol __mcount was referenced\n      from module
> /home/rbalaji/usr/ 

Maybe that symbol will be familar to folks on the aix usenet group.

>  ...  I am using makeC++SharedLib to link and xlC_r to compile my
> sources. 

Check how apxs+libtool will compile a plain C module, and take those
commands and change as little as necessary to deal with C++ (maybe
just change linker and compiler to xlC_r???) and see if that helps. 
Set environment variable LTFLAGS to a space prior to invoking apxs so
that you'll see the low-level commands which get issued.

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