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From Sander Striker <>
Subject Re: 404 does not delete cached entries using mod_disk_cache
Date Tue, 24 May 2005 21:50:25 GMT wrote:
> Felix Enning pointed me again to an interesting question regarding mod_cache / mod_disk_cache:
> The following situation was observed with Apache 2.0.54 (same applies to trunk):
> 1. A resource gets cached.
> 2. The original resource gets removed from the backend (e.g on a proxied webserver,
>    on the local disk, wherever).
> 3. The client sents a request that forces the cache to revalidate this entry.
> 4. The 404 received from the backend is correctly passed back to the client by mod_cache.
> 5. The client sents a request that does NOT require the cache to revalidate this entry.
> 6. Cache delivers the old resource that had been cached before, instead of a 404.
> Is this behaviour intended and compliant with the RFC?

Not to my knowlegde.  Given that mod_mem_cache and mod_disk_cache are doing
different things is pretty much indicative that one of the two is wrong ;).
> The reason for this behaviour is that the remove_url function of mod_disk_cache is a
dummy function
> (BTW: mod_mem_cache seems to really remove the cache entry in remove_url).
> If this behaviour is not intended I would have a look into this to create a patch.

Please do!


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