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Subject Re: mod_cache deliver 304 instead of (not so) stale cache entries
Date Sun, 22 May 2005 10:40:58 GMT

Sander Striker wrote:
>> wrote:
> [...]


>> I am aware that this forces a full request to the backend for requests
>> without conditionals
>> to expired resources. So I am not very happy with this solution. Maybe
>> it is better to let
>> the default handler pass 304 responses down the filter chain.
> Might as well not do revalidation in that case; actually that would be
> better, because the
> 304's that are returned may not even be correct.  The conditions are
> replaced with the
> ones from the cache, remember?

Yes, I remember, but I must admit that I am slightly confused now. When should
we avoid revalidation with the conditionals from the cache?

If the original request does not contain any conditionals? This is what my patch does


> I can see the application.  Are you up for submitting a patch to the
> default handler? :)

I have attached a patch for this. Two comments:

1. I am not very familar with buckets and brigades, so please check closely if
   I did it correct (my tests make me think so). If I did something wrong feedback
   is appreciated such that I can do it better next time :-)
2. ap_meets_conditions returns 3 different values: OK, HTTP_PRECONDITION_FAILED and
   HTTP_NOT_MODIFIED. In my patch I assume that in all cases the response should
   go down the filter chain.



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