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From Paul Querna <>
Subject Listen-Protocol Branch
Date Thu, 05 May 2005 23:26:41 GMT
Branch URL:

I have created a branch to:

1. Add a 'protocol' to the Listen Command. (done)

2. Add a Protocol command to force the protocol inside a vhost. (done)

3. Allow mod_ssl to be active without setting 'SSLEngine on'.  It will
check for a protocol of 'https', and automatically add itself. (done)

4. Refactor how Accept Filters and TCP_DEFER_ACCEPT are applied to
listening sockets.  Set reasonable defaults for protocol types, eg,
'dataready' for https, and none for nttp. (not done)

5. Update documentation to reflect the changed syntax and new commands.
(not done)

The code to inherit a Protocol from a Listener to a server_rec sucks.
It currently is a triple for() loop inside server/listen.c.  A $future
thought is better associate a server_rec with a listener, eg, keep a
reference inside the Listener Record.

Comments, ideas, alternatives, flames, and code review are welcome.


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