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From Paul Querna <>
Subject ap_getword_conf should die.
Date Wed, 04 May 2005 21:55:50 GMT
We need a better public method for parsing configs with quoted args, or
when they are split between multiple lines.

Currently, ap_getword_conf has a few problems:

1. There is no way to tell the difference between:
Command foo
Command foo ""

If the last arg is a "", it looks exactly like the end of the command.

2. The quoting is just wrong.  For example, you cannot have an argument
that ends in \, because the \ is used for escaping ".  But, \ cannot be
used to escape \ itself.. ie no \\.

3. ap_resolve_env().  Why is this sprinkled all over the configuration
code?  Using ${ENV} inside the config for any directive is not
documented.  I think we should just toss it out.

I am not sure if changing this function is wise, since it has been in
the public interface _forever_, and there might be modules that rely
upon these behaviors.  Thoughts?

I propose making a new function. Then move the core config code over,
mark ap_getword_conf as @depreciated, and plan to remove it in the
$future.  I don't think changing the behavoirs of ap_getword_conf is a
good plan, since it may result in misconfiguration problems.


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