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From "Ivan Barrera A." <>
Subject Re: Timeout for requests
Date Tue, 03 May 2005 20:44:31 GMT
>> How about linux ? how about Windows ? how about (put your favorite OS
>> here) ?
> Linux has SO_ACCEPTFILTER which doesn't trigger the accept until there
> is data, so accept filtering works on Linux too.  Windows?  No idea. But
> I bet an Apache DoS would be the least of your worries there.
>> Well.. First time i heard about httpready (which looks really nice).
>> I've been looking for something like this.. how come nobody mention it
>> before ?
> It's in the docs.

Mmh.. my fault as i haven't checked the docs in a while.

>> And final, why can't apache itself have some decent DoS avoiding feature
>> ? not always there will be 3┬║rd party tools to help on that..
> It's there in Apache for operating systems that provide mechanisms to
> help.  If you have suggestions for how to do it on other operating
> systems, please send a patch.

I will when i have one.

Thanks a lot for your answer.
I've been studying the source of apache (i'm going crazy with it, as you
can see) and trying to figure out how to work it out.

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