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From Paul Querna <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Branch 2.1.x on May 13
Date Mon, 02 May 2005 21:48:28 GMT
Jim Jagielski wrote:
> William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
>> From discussion - I see us branching 2.1.x anyways, but still object 
>>since we will now be maintaining two or three backports for every 
>>bugfix commit to trunk/.  Humbly suggest this isn't the conclusion 
>>we reached at AC Las Vegas, and suggest it's still the wrong solution 
>>to a non-problem.
> Bill makes some good points... it seems that branching would simply be
> "renaming" trunk. The good thing is that with svn this is cheap
> and easy, but will it really do what we want? Also, the "gotta
> backport this to yet another branch" issue is valid.
> In other words, trunk is 2.1 anyway, so what does a branch provide?
> I would say it's a perception advantage mostly.

Yes. I think it is almost 90% about perception.

This is about 'drawing the line in the sand'.

Personally, I have held off on starting refactors of code, because I do
not want to be detrimental to the ability to make a 2.2 Branch.

I would like to investigate making more parts of httpd async, in
conjunction with the Event MPM.  I would also like to redo some of the
configuration system -- but I have avoided working on these, because of
my personal belief that 2.1-dev has enough for a new GA branch.

I think there is wide agreement that /trunk/ should always be open for
commits.  I don't imagine that my personal development ideas match
everyone, and they are not my only reason for wanting a 2.1.x branch.

Right now, I see 2.1-dev as a never ending version.  There are always
problems, and there will always be new problems with trunk.

Yes, it makes back ports harder, and I believe, rightfully so, because
we already have enough features for 2.2.

This has somewhat turned into the real question, What are the show
stoppers for a 2.2 GA Branch?

I don't think the two listed in the STATUS file reflect reality.

If you believe an issue is a show stopper for a GA Branch, please add it
to the STATUS File.


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