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From <>
Subject Error in BOOL definition ?
Date Wed, 11 May 2005 08:27:58 GMT
In mod_ssl.h, BOOL is defined as "unsigned int".
Some mod_ssl parameters are defined as BOOL:
    struct SSLSrvConfigRec {
        SSLModConfigRec *mc;
        BOOL             enabled;
        BOOL             proxy_enabled;
        const char      *vhost_id;
        int              vhost_id_len;
        int              session_cache_timeout;
        modssl_ctx_t    *server;
        modssl_ctx_t    *proxy;
In ssl_config.c, the parameters are initialized with UNSET:
    sc->enabled                = UNSET;
    sc->proxy_enabled          = UNSET;

UNSET is defined as -1 ==> signed/unsigned problem

Shouldn't we change the BOOL definition to signed int ?

Rem: On some compilers, BOOL may be already defined, so the run-time libraries definition
is used instead of mod_ssl one
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