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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject simple-conf branch
Date Sat, 02 Apr 2005 19:58:26 GMT
Please take a look at

This is my long-threatened project to massively simplify the basic 
httpd.conf by splitting a bunch of stuff out into smaller files in the 
extra/ directory that are not included by default.  I believe this makes 
the whole thing *much* simpler to understand for a newcomer.  I've already 
brough it down to about 60% of its original size, and I think we can do 

If you have major problems with this concept, please speak now.

If you have suggestions for the implementation, speak up or just commit 
away on the branch.

Here are some things I would like to see done on this branch.  Feel free 
to jump in.

1. Fix "make install" to deal with the extra/ directory.  Probably need to 
change the name of all those config files to add "-std".  (I suggest 
making another directory called "standard" or "as-installed" or something 
to put the pristine copies of all the config files.)

2. Various tweaks on comments/ordering/etc to make things clearer.  I 
believe the main httpd.conf can still be paired down a little more.

3. Move the documentation-related stuff into extra/.  This requires more 
discussion, so I left it for now.

4. Make code changes to bring the "not in config file" defaults in line 
with the stuff in httpd.conf, and to make the default configuration 
overall less dangerous.  For example:
   - Making UserDir disabled the default as discussed before.
   - Fixing the SSLRandomSeed defaults so that these directives don't need
     to be in the config.  (See the bottom of

5. Add more stuff to extra/, such as examples for mod_dav, mod_proxy, 
mod_cache, etc.


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