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From Nathanael Noblet <>
Subject File attachments...
Date Mon, 25 Apr 2005 16:13:28 GMT
	Just curious, is there any reason someone on this list would 
intentionally attach a file with a .scr ending? Periodically I get the 
ezmlm program emailing me and complaining that sometimes my address 
bounces messages back. I've looked and it is because they contain files 
with the .scr ending. Now I don't run windows and so I am not 
particularily scared of the files, but some clients of mine using this 
mailserver likely should be. So I'm wondering if it is a file extension 
people often use for something valid, as we rarely have file extensions 
in Linux/Unix I can't imagine that it is. Which leads me to wonder if 
ezmlm can drop emails with those extensions if they are infact usually 
faked emails with viral attachments?

	Have I missed the boat?
Nathanael D. Noblet
Gnat Solutions
204 - 131 Gorge Road E
Victoria, BC V9A 1L1

T 250.385.4613
C 250.893.4613

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