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From Justin Erenkrantz <>
Subject Re: simple-conf branch
Date Mon, 04 Apr 2005 17:54:02 GMT
--On Saturday, April 2, 2005 2:58 PM -0500 Joshua Slive <> 

> If you have suggestions for the implementation, speak up or just commit
> away on the branch.

Thanks for taking this on.

> Here are some things I would like to see done on this branch.  Feel free
> to jump in.
> 1. Fix "make install" to deal with the extra/ directory.  Probably need
> to change the name of all those config files to add "-std".  (I suggest
> making another directory called "standard" or "as-installed" or something
> to put the pristine copies of all the config files.)
> 2. Various tweaks on comments/ordering/etc to make things clearer.  I
> believe the main httpd.conf can still be paired down a little more.

Some thoughts on what else we could trim.  In fact, most of my comments 
could move to a 'httpd-default.conf' that represent what our hard-coded 
defaults are.

Do we really need LockFile, ScoreBoardFile?

Do we really need PidFile?  The MPMs default to:


Which is the same.  So, I'd toss PidFile in to httpd-default.conf.

Same goes for Timeout and KeppAliveTimeout as DEFAULT_TIMEOUT is 300 and 
DEFAULT_KEEPALIVE_TIMEOUT is 15.  Ditto for MaxKeepAliveRequests and 

AccessFileName defaults to DEFAULT_ACCESS_FNAME anyway.

I wouldn't have ServerTokens and/or ServerSignature in the default 
httpd.conf.  They can read docs for that.  =)  (Perhaps being in is fine though - not sure.)

If these changes look fine to folks here, I can make these changes on the 
branch.  -- justin

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