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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: Proposed addition to
Date Fri, 29 Apr 2005 14:59:19 GMT
+1 - sounds like a good solution for now.

I hear that some additional forest / xslt / composition tools
are going to be installed for some projects, but believe your
suggestion is fine to move this along :)


At 05:56 AM 4/29/2005, Mark J Cox wrote:
>A while ago I promised that we'd give the database of security issues used
>to generate the Apache Week security pages to the ASF.  Yesterday I worked
>on integrating these pages with httpd-site repos; but since it involves a
>non-trivial change I wanted to propose it here for an ack or two before
>actually committing it.
>The database is just a big XML file and we used XSLT to extract and sort
>the vulnerabilities relevant to the page for the particular httpd version
>we're generating.  I've created a modified version of the XSLT which
>extracts the data for the pages and pops it into the velocity format the
>site uses.
>So the commit would:
>Add lib/ant-trax.jar (needed for the xslt)
>Add security/ directory
>Add security/vulnerabilities-httpd.xml (database)
>Add security/impact_levels.xml (
>Add stylesheets/securitydb.xsl 
>Add stylesheets/securitydates.xsl
>Modify build.xsl to run XSLT on vulnerabilities-httpd.xml which creates
>/security/vulnerabilities_13.xml, an equivalent to
>, and 
>/security/vulnerabilities_20.xml, an equivalent to
>Diff (minus ant-trax and the resultant /docs/ changes) at
>Once this is running I intend to remove this data from Apache Week and 
>redirect the duplicate Apache Week pages to, so 
> is the master source of this info.

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