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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: NetWare Builds and Apache 2.0-dev
Date Sun, 10 Apr 2005 21:28:28 GMT
CVS checkout never 'deposited' the apr or apr-util trees into the
httpd-2.0/srclib/ tree.  It was up to whatever checkout script
you used to do so.  There really isn't a change with svn, other
than command syntax.

One thing worth bringing up - I don't -want- to see us link the
checkouts.  I've had numerous problems with cvs and svn when we
try to tie the trees in the cvs/svn steps.  Just look at the
mechanical mess left in modperl/ApacheTest etc trying to check
out an historical tag.

One trick has always been (at least under cvs) - to remove the
entities for D/apr//// etc.  If you tried to update by tag, and
those directories could be traversed from your httpd-2.0 root,
it would potentially grab tags invalid for the apr CVS tree.
The same is possibly true for svn.

In any case, I never actually check out apr in my working trees
into srclib, but toss a symlink there, instead.

If you see a tarball for a 2.0.5x candidate (a release tarball)
submitted for approval, without apr/apr-util, feel free to ask
for a new tarball with the RM's choice of apr 0.9.x etc.


At 04:02 PM 4/10/2005, NormW wrote:
>Good morning Bill,
>Thanks for the pick-up.
>My mention of 2.0-dev refers to 2.0 trunk, and as such, it doesn't come in a tar.gz until
after it is fully packaged as a tagged entity. In CVS days fetching 2.0 from CVS also got
APR and APR-Util in their 'final' locations, so that building 2.0 was straight forward.
>With the change to SVN, the APR files are downloaded as separate modules and now logically
exist at the same 'level' as 2.0 httpd itself. 2.1 bit the bullet and its NetWare build files
were revised so that they work regardless of wether it's a build from trunk or a tagged package;
just asking if the same feature might not be extended to 2.0?
>Anyone building NetWare from source shouldn't be 'thrown' too far by a documented need
to create two extra memvars.
>William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
>>At 05:46 AM 4/10/2005, NormW wrote:
>>>At the present time however, the Apache 2.0-dev trunk no longer provides APR and
APR-Util below .\srclib (they are obtained separately), yet the build files for NetWare in
Apache 2.0 still assume that is where the two libraries are located.
>>They certainly should be present.  It was never the intent to
>>divorce apr/apr-util distribution from httpd-2.0 (although that
>>CERTAINLY is the goal for httpd-2.2).  Can you point at exactly
>>what .tar.gz you are looking at?

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