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From NormW <>
Subject NetWare Builds and Apache 2.0-dev
Date Sun, 10 Apr 2005 10:46:48 GMT
Greetings All,
In recent times the NetWare build files for Apache 2.1 were modified to 
support APR and APR-Util in locations other than http\srclib, a worthy 
advance given the current discussion to break out separate libraries.

At the present time however, the Apache 2.0-dev trunk no longer provides 
APR and APR-Util below .\srclib (they are obtained separately), yet the 
build files for NetWare in Apache 2.0 still assume that is where the two 
libraries are located.

Given that the vast majority of NetWare users _don't_ build it, would it 
be possible to update the 2.0 trunk NWGNU* files to work the same as for 
Apache 2.1? I suspect that 2.1 has already been built often enough with 
its current build system that it could safely be 'backported' to 2.0.


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