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From Paul Querna <>
Subject Default Modules
Date Wed, 06 Apr 2005 16:15:38 GMT
I changed mod_imap this morning from 'yes' to 'most', because I was 
tired of disabling it every time I do a new install.  I think we should 
reconsider what modules are enabled by default.  Here is my list of 
suggested changes:

mod_version: all -> yes
mod_asis: yes -> no
mod_imap: most -> no
mod_dumpio: most -> all
mod_rewrite: most -> yes

I think adding mod_rewrite as a default is the most controversial... so, 
what about the others :) ?

A setting of 'yes' means the module will be enabled by default, without 
any extra flags to be set by the user.

A setting of 'no' means the user must explicitly enable the module, eg, 

A setting of 'all' or 'most' means it will be included in 
--enable-mods-shared=[all |most]


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