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From Rici Lake <>
Subject Re: Default Modules
Date Wed, 06 Apr 2005 16:26:09 GMT

On 6-Apr-05, at 11:15 AM, Paul Querna wrote:

> I changed mod_imap this morning from 'yes' to 'most', because I was 
> tired of disabling it every time I do a new install.  I think we 
> should reconsider what modules are enabled by default.  Here is my 
> list of suggested changes:
> mod_version: all -> yes
> mod_asis: yes -> no
> mod_imap: most -> no
> mod_dumpio: most -> all

+1 to all of those. I would also add:

mod_ident: most -> no
mod_ssl: no -> all
mod_proxy (and friends) no -> all

I'm basing that on the following criteria:

default: modules which would be used in virtually any useful httpd 
most: modules which would be regularly used in a non-minimal httpd 
all: modules which are useful and stable
no: modules which are deprecated, experimental, or examples

I think people are surprised by the absence of mod_ssl and mod_proxy 
having done a ./configure --enable-mods-shared=all

> mod_rewrite: most -> yes

I'm not sure that mod_rewrite actually fits the criterion I proposed for
default; I'd be just as happy with it staying in most.


PS: I've found the following possibly outrageous shell script to be 

grep -h '^APACHE_MODULE' modules/*/config*.m4 | cut -c 15- | cut -f5,1 
-d, | \
sed -E $'s/$/,/; s/([^,]*), ?([^,)]*).*/\\2\t\\1/;
             s/^most\t/2. most\t\t/;
             s/^\t/3. all\t\t/;
             s/^yes\t/1. default\t/;
             s/^no\t/4. explicit\t/;
             s/^\\$proxy.*\t/4. explicit\t/;
             s/^\\$.*so\t/1. if needed\t/;
             s/^static\t/1. default\t/' | sort

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