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From Astrid Ke├čler <>
Subject Re[2]: Default Modules
Date Thu, 07 Apr 2005 20:44:48 GMT
>>I changed mod_imap this morning from 'yes' to 'most', because I was
>>tired of disabling it every time I do a new install.  I think we
>>should reconsider what modules are enabled by default.  Here is my
>>list of suggested changes:
>>mod_version: all -> yes

+-0, no opinion

>>mod_asis: yes -> no

'most' would be much better
We may change this with 2.2, but not for 2.0.
-1 (vote, note veto) for 2.0
-0 for 2.2

>>mod_imap: most -> no


>>mod_dumpio: most -> all
>>mod_rewrite: most -> yes

-1 (vote, not veto)

as long as 'all' does not mean 'really all stable modules', so long
mod_dumpio should be 'no'. It is for testing purposes, not for general

mod_rewrite should stay at 'most'. It is to complex (especially for new
users) to be a default module.

>>mod_ident: most -> no

+-0 no opinion

>>mod_ssl: no -> all
>>mod_proxy (and friends) no -> all

-1 (not a veto, but a very strong vote, as long as 'all' is not 'all')

mod_ssl as a default module may (and will) be a pain for a lot of people
never used it before. We may think about switching it to 'most' with
2.2. Same for mod_proxy, because it is a module for a very special

Besides the above voting:
I'm +++1 to change the meaning of 'all' for 2.2 to 'all stable modules'


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