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From Jens Stutte <>
Subject Re: Enhancement of mod_charset_lite
Date Wed, 30 Mar 2005 07:50:48 GMT
Nick Kew <nick <at>> writes:

> Some such updates to mod_charset_lite have been on my wishlist for a
> long time!  Nice to see you've tackled it.
> Did you enter your stuff into bugzilla as suggested by Brad?  It sounds
> definitely worth looking at.

Well, to be honest: i'm still tackling with the whole process of creating
patches and so on - as soon as i will have a little time, i will face it.

But BTW: i had some serious problems with charset_lite, exiting with SIGSEGV on
some content (my scenario was: use mod_proxy_html to rewrite URLs inside of the
body and mod_charset_lite to reconvert the result into the original encoding). I
ended up with not using modproxy_html any more but some external filters defined
using sed... Not very elegant, but seems to work.

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