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From "Fenlason, Josh" <>
Subject Proposed LDAP Fix
Date Tue, 08 Mar 2005 14:26:02 GMT
I had problems with LDAP modules in 2.0.53 on Windows.  It authenticates
fine, but when I shut down apache I get those Microsoft alerts saying
something went wrong.  It only happens when I have the ldap modules
enabled.  The problem is in modules/experimental/util_ldap_cache.c in
the util_ldap_cache_module_kill() method.  The cache_file is null.
Adding a null check prior to calling apr_file_remove() fixed the issue.
Any thoughts?  Thanks.
apr_status_t util_ldap_cache_module_kill(void *data)
    util_ldap_state_t *st = (util_ldap_state_t *)data;
    if (st->cache_rmm != NULL) {
        apr_rmm_destroy (st->cache_rmm);
        st->cache_rmm = NULL;
    if (st->cache_shm != NULL) {
        apr_status_t result = apr_shm_destroy(st->cache_shm);
        st->cache_shm = NULL;
  if ( st->cache_file != NULL ) // ADDED THIS LINE
   apr_file_remove(st->cache_file, st->pool);
        return result;
    return APR_SUCCESS;

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