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From "Graham Leggett" <>
Subject Re: Puzzling News
Date Wed, 02 Mar 2005 14:37:57 GMT
Jess Holle said:

> I've not had a chance to try the LDAP connection timeout patch, but my
> biggest remaining issue (besides the multiple-LDAP enhancement) is that
> of firewall treatment.  If there is a firewall between Apache and LDAP
> (quite common) and if this firewall drops idle connections (also quite
> common), then it can drop Apache's cached LDAP connections -- and Apache
> 2 (at least without the connection timeout patch) does not handle this
> well.  If the connection timeout patch suffices, then I could honestly
> say Apache LDAP is stable and ready for enhancements again.

I did see bnicholes commit something which addressed a missing cleanup if
a lookup failed through a bad connection.

Can you test the latest SVN trunk and see if the problem is still there?

The LDAP stuff should still "do the right thing" even if LDAP connections
are timing out and not closed down correctly. The only side effect of not
having the timeout patch should be connections hanging around (in itself a
bad thing) - it should never cause the LDAP stuff to give an incorrect
result, although it might slow it down.


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