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Subject RE: Actively Promoting Apache 2
Date Tue, 01 Mar 2005 20:34:29 GMT
That's what you get for suggesting marketing to techies, Wayne. Anyway I was thinking the same
thing. Heck the "puzzling thread" provided some good marketing fodder already:

Bojan Smojver wrote:
...Given that all major Linux and other distros ship Apache 2 as a
default web server, it's only a matter of time.

Justin Erenkrantz wrote:
...255 concurrent clients is really low now-a-days for high-end 
production servers.  Heck, 2.x's hard limit is 200,000 not 256.

It's when you start to get into several thousand concurrent connections 
that I've found that the memory model of prefork starts to get painful. 
And memory usage also depends on whether your OS does optimistic or 
pessimistic memory allocation.  It's impossible to run high MaxClients with 
prefork on, say, Solaris without having large amounts of swap dedicated.

Paul Querna wrote:
One white-box machine (say 2Ghz) with 2 gigs of ram, running the Worker 
or Event MPM can easily handle ~2500 concurrent clients.

Buy more machines for redundancy.

William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
you don't know *what* you are missing :)  Threads on
Linux barely differ from distinct processes, while on Solaris
they are truly lightweight.

Make it a priority to give this a shot, you will be impressed.

Brian Akins wrote:
We have run 10,000 + threads on our webservers routinely.  Can't do that 
with 1.x

I wouldn't want to do it, but brainwashing (err) marketing does work. Ask Microsoft!


-----Original Message-----
From: Wayne S. Frazee []
Sent: Tuesday, March 01, 2005 3:06 PM
Subject: Actively Promoting Apache 2

I entreat each potential responder to this email to please read it all the 
way through and THEN respond rather than knee-jerk something based on only 
the first paragraph or two... 

As I sat reading the responses to the new development thread on acceptance 
of Apache 2 and some users' regression to 1.3, it struck me when someone 
mentioned that they believed part of the problem to be marketing.  Mozilla 
advertised firefox with a large one-time investment into a celebratory ad 
denoting the release of Firefox 1... why not build a similar effort in the 
Apache community to promote support and upgrade to Apache 2? 

Use the web-media and the advertising avenues in many high-traffic sites 
dealing specifically with web development, web hosting, ISP hosting, et al.  
Launch limited time and expense ad campaigns using media provided and 
"approved" by the community.  Use funding from a community Apache Promotion 

I was thinking something like this: 

1) Launch fundraising / contest website for Apache 2.x ad blitz promotion. 

2) Announce contest to have your flash ad featured on websites around the 
web in the Apache 2 Promotion ad campaign.  Vehicle to submit ad, et al. 

3) Announce fundraising effort to support above-mentioned ad with funds 
being specifically earmarked for this effort.  If the effort is done by 
someone or a group of someones in the community, accounting needs to be very 
transparent and availible for public view in terms of limited statistics on 
the fundraising status.  Donators who wish may have thier names or 
pseudo-names credited to a list of donators, sorted by contribution size or 
something of that nature? 

4) At the end of the flash ad submission period, contest judges from the 
apache community select the editors top 5 or whatever for each ad format.  
For an announced period of time, the community at large is welcome to vote 
for thier favorite among the ads in essentially a web poll. 

5) Following ad selection, collected funds are assessed, donations are no 
longer accepted, and a panel of whoever is working on the effort assesses 
the best ad channels and the panel comes to an agreement on the allocation 
of specific fund segments to various ad campaigns that are deemed to be the 
most effective channel for the selected ads. 

6) Ad campaigns are run until budget is met, project over. 

High visiblility from tech news organizations covering the drive, similar to 
the mozilla projects' fundraiser. 

Targeted advertisements for the apache 2 project with a credits page for 
each selected ad awarded to the contest winner(s). 

The message of upgrade to apache 2 is out there, hopefully with good, 
professional-looking ads contributed by the community, et al. 


Numerous, I am sure. 

Looking for feedback, legal, devils advocate, et al on the concept, if not 
the execution. 

Wayne S. Frazee
"Any sufficiently developed bug is indistinguishable from a feature."
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