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From luca regini <>
Subject Mod_MEM_cache doesn't use Pools to allocate cache objects???
Date Tue, 08 Mar 2005 11:25:38 GMT
Taking a look at mod_mem_cache source code i have seen that it doesn't
use pools to allocate cache objects but i does so by means of
reference counting and simple calloc/free calls. I  have also seen
that this module requires a Threaded apr to work. I am wondering the
reasons of this design choices. I am developing a web service caching
module and now i have some issues with caching some web service
parameters correctly. I store these parameters in a per server config
object but it seems that stored data is valid only on a per connection
base. My developement version of Apache 2.0 is compiled in maintainer
mode with a prefork mpm. I would like to contribute the module to the
apache group if i manage to develop something usable.

Thanks in advance.

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