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From Henri Gomez <>
Subject iSeries Apache 2.0.x - where is ap_mpm_query equivalent ?
Date Tue, 22 Mar 2005 14:19:23 GMT
Hi to all,

I know there is many IBMers here who track and contribute on this list
and while working with Mladen on jk 1.2.8 port for iSeries we saw that
ap_mpm_query and AP_MPMQ_MAX_THREADS, used to get the ThreadsPerChild
value, was absent from my iSeries V5R2.

As such we add the following in mod_jk.c

#ifndef AS400
    if (ap_mpm_query(AP_MPMQ_MAX_THREADS, &mpm_threads) != APR_SUCCESS)
        mpm_threads = 1;

Now will working on jk 1.2.9 and the ap_mpm_query is still missing.

Questions :

- First, Did IBM still support Apache 2.0.x on iSeries ? I'm running
on 2.0.49 based on my V5R3 dev system and it seems the 2.0.52 is
available via PTF.

- Did there is a way to get the ThreadsPerChild  under iSeries ?

- The MPM model on iSeries is worker ? or pod ?

Thanks for IBMers clarifications (if they couldn't do it on public
lists, I'll be happy to get informations on my private email).


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