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From Matthew Hagerty <>
Subject Log entries larger than PIPE_BUF may interleave?
Date Fri, 18 Mar 2005 04:50:42 GMT

I'm writing an external logging program and I would like to use the pipe 
option.  I was looking at mod_log_config.c (about line 878) two see how 
log entries longer than PIPE_BUF (defined by POSIX as 512 bytes) would 
be handled.  I noticed that a *single log entry* longer than PIPE_BUF is 
simply written in it's entirety, and therefor may interleave with other 
log entries.  It would seem to me that log entries longer than PIPE_BUF, 
when writing to a pipe, would either have to be truncated or discarded 
all together.  Is there some other mechanism in place that I am missing 
that ensures each log entry is written completely, even when writing to 

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


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