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Subject Re: [Patch 30399] New directive CacheIgnoreHeaders to prevent user defined headers from being stored by mod_cache
Date Tue, 08 Mar 2005 21:18:03 GMT

Hi all,

I recently noticed that we now have two votes (one from Justin and one from Bill, btw: thanks
Bill) for backporting the
patch for report 30399 to 2.0.x.
As I and Dick Snippe (see

would like to see this patch backported I am just asking if someone has some time (ok, wrong
approach :-)) to have a
look at the patch such that it can possibly receive a third +1. Maybe Nick who responded to
Dicks posting or maybe
the person who added a +0 for this patch to the status file?

To ease the work of backporting I just attached a version of the patch against 2.0.53 to the
report 30399. 

Thanks and regards

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