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From Matt Mitchell <>
Subject [PATCH] only allow mod_speling to correct capitalization
Date Tue, 08 Mar 2005 20:30:45 GMT

We had a need here for mod_speling's case-correcting functionality but 
we have generated filenames with very similar names so we were 
constantly running afoul of its willingness to substitute the "wrong" 
file when the correct one did not exist.  I made a simple addition to 
mod_speling to restrict it to case comparisons only, and added a 
configuration flag "CheckCaseOnly" to enable or disable it.  The default 
behavior is as before.

Doc XML update is also included in the patch, against 2.0.53.

Sent here in the hopes that it might get picked up or at least be useful 
to people who are in the same boat we are.


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