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From Sander Striker <>
Subject mod_cache
Date Fri, 04 Mar 2005 22:55:12 GMT

I'm going over mod_cache and I'm wondering about some things:


    /* If the request has Cache-Control: no-store from RFC 2616, don't store
     * unless CacheStoreNoStore is active.
    cc_in = apr_table_get(r->headers_in, "Cache-Control");
    if (r->no_cache ||
        (!conf->store_nostore &&
         ap_cache_liststr(NULL, cc_in, "no-store", NULL))) {
        return ap_pass_brigade(f->next, in);

What happens if the 'Cache-Control: no-store' header came in with a
304 Not Modified and the original request wasn't conditional?
If I read the spec correctly a 304 can carry a Cache-Control header,
if it has a different value since a previous 200 (or 304).


    /* have we already run the cachability check and set up the
     * cached file handle? 
    if (cache->in_checked) {
        /* pass the brigades into the cache, then pass them
         * up the filter stack

I haven't tracked cache->in_checked fully, so I wonder if it is
possible that this is set on a validating request?  That would
cause the cache not being updated, which is what I am trying to
track down FWIW.  This is not 'my' bug though, since I am seeing
the following line in the log:

  [debug] mod_disk_cache.c(616): disk_cache: Stored headers for URL xxx

However the cache files on disk don't change... I'm a bit puzzled why
not from looking at the code.


     * what responses should we not cache?
     * At this point we decide based on the response headers whether it
     * is appropriate _NOT_ to cache the data from the server. There are
     * a whole lot of conditions that prevent us from caching this data.
     * They are tested here one by one to be clear and unambiguous. 
    if (r->status != HTTP_OK && r->status != HTTP_NON_AUTHORITATIVE
        && r->status != HTTP_MULTIPLE_CHOICES
        && r->status != HTTP_MOVED_PERMANENTLY
        && r->status != HTTP_NOT_MODIFIED) {
        /* RFC2616 13.4 we are allowed to cache 200, 203, 206, 300, 301 or 410
         * We don't cache 206, because we don't (yet) cache partial responses.
         * We include 304 Not Modified here too as this is the origin server
         * telling us to serve the cached copy.
        reason = apr_psprintf(p, "Response status %d", r->status);

AIUI, we can cache "302 Found" (HTTP_MOVED_TEMPORARILY) when it has an Expires
or Cache-Control indicating that the request can be cached.


    /* Did we just update the cached headers on a revalidated response?
     * If so, we can now decide what to serve to the client:
     * - If the original request was conditional and is satisified, send 304.
     * - Otherwise, send the cached body.
    if (rv == APR_SUCCESS && cache->stale_handle) {
        apr_bucket_brigade *bb;
        apr_bucket *bkt;

        bb = apr_brigade_create(r->pool, r->connection->bucket_alloc);

        /* Were we initially a conditional request? */
        if (ap_cache_request_is_conditional(cache->stale_headers)) {
            /* FIXME: We must ensure that the request meets conditions. */

            /* Set the status to be a 304. */
            r->status = HTTP_NOT_MODIFIED;

Is this as simple as clearing r->headers_in, overwriting with cache->stale_headers,
and the calling ap_meets_conditions()?


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