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From David Burry <>
Subject Re: Puzzling News
Date Thu, 03 Mar 2005 00:07:38 GMT
Dependancy on third party modules still prevents us from upgrading from 
1.3 to 2.0.... or at least makes the the drawbacks of upgrading more 
than the benefits....  That's the main holdup for us.

For instance, mod_perl (and a few custom scripts that use the API 
extensively), mod_php (all those non-thread-safe libraries everyone 
demands nullifies the benefits of multi-threading), mod_dynamo (we're 
stuck with an older version until an enormous application we wrote on 
top of it is massively overhauled, by us), mod_webobjects (legacy code 
here too, should just go away someday, but it keeps working 
unfortunately), etc...  Not all these third party modules are API-stable 
and/or released as 2.0 (mod_perl is *finally* getting kind of close 
looks like, RC4, woo hoo), and we'd need to upgrade all our code that 
relies on them....

For what?  for a minimal amount of footprint improvement?  Seriously, in 
many cases, throwing a little more hardware at 1.3 is a lot cheaper than 
sinking so many engineers into all that.  1.3 still works pretty well!

A very clean fresh install, with no third party modules, and no legacy 
code support necessary.... sure, we'd use 2.0!  But that's not reality 
for us yet.  We'll migrate eventually, just takes a while.

This is very much unlike that old piece of crap (Netscape server) we 
used before Apache 1.3 several years ago... we were dying with it... 1.3 
was so awesome back then, it was our savior!  And it still is pretty 


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