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From "Graham Leggett" <>
Subject Re: Actively Promoting Apache 2
Date Wed, 02 Mar 2005 10:16:09 GMT
Wayne S. Frazee said:

> As I sat reading the responses to the new development thread on acceptance
> of Apache 2 and some users' regression to 1.3, it struck me when someone
> mentioned that they believed part of the problem to be marketing.  Mozilla
> advertised firefox with a large one-time investment into a celebratory ad
> denoting the release of Firefox 1... why not build a similar effort in the
> Apache community to promote support and upgrade to Apache 2?

Firefox's target market is the ordinary computer use in the street, and
their campaign delivered the message "there is an alternative" to a large
group of people who had no idea an alternative existed.

Httpd's audience is far more technical, and an upgrade is done for far
more complex reasons.

Perhaps another plan is to add a section giving real reasons why to
upgrade to Apache 2, and potentially publicise that. "We have MPMs" means
nothing to the webmaster. "Apache 2 can run XXX% faster under Solaris
using worker" is far more useful information.

> Looking for feedback, legal, devils advocate, et al on the concept, if not
> the execution.

Just to prove I read it to the end :)


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