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From Daniel Freedman <>
Subject Apache2 troubles with shmcb SSLSessionCache...
Date Fri, 18 Mar 2005 17:12:15 GMT

I've searched the Apache and Debian mailing lists and generally
googled for information about this problem, but came up empty.  I also
emailed without response, and thought of
sending it to modssl-users, but the apache list archives shows no
activity on that list...

Anyway, I'm using apache 2.0.53 (mpm-prefork) on Debian testing on two
different ia32 machines, with generally similar installs, and
exhibiting the following problem only on one of them (which
complicates the problem, in my analysis).

Namely, apache2 won't properly start if I include the following
directive in my configuration file:

  SSLSessionCache shmcb:/var/log/apache2/scache(512000)

I get the following error in my logs:

  [error] Cannot allocate shared memory: (22)Invalid argument

I've read reports on various mailing lists of a similar error where it
cannot allocate shared memory as the cache file named in Apache's
"SSLSessionCache" already exists.  In those cases (generally from
unclean shutdowns) it appeared that the solution was easy: just
manually delete the offending cache file.

In my case, the file doesn't exist ahead of time (nor should it), and
I'm getting this "Invalid argument" error.  Note also, that I've
properly installed the Debian libmm13 package (upstream: OSSP mm),
which appears to be necessary for properly functioning shmcb, even
though this doesn't appear to be widely documented.  I've also tried
to decrease the amount of requested memory, going as low as 64000, but
all to no avail so far.

Any suggestions, please?


Daniel A. Freedman <>, Graduate Fellow
  Electronic Structure Calculations, LASSP, Cornell University

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