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From Alexander Lazic <>
Subject HTTP 1.1 Pipling Requests
Date Fri, 11 Mar 2005 17:58:30 GMT

i have read the rfc 2616 and have a understanding question to you, if
you can help me ;-))

--- Pipelining

   A client that supports persistent connections MAY "pipeline" its
   requests (i.e., send multiple requests without waiting for each
   response). A server MUST send its responses to those requests in the
   same order that the requests were received.

   Clients which assume persistent connections and pipeline immediately
   after connection establishment SHOULD be prepared to retry their
   connection if the first pipelined attempt fails. If a client does
   such a retry, it MUST NOT pipeline before it knows the connection is
   persistent. Clients MUST also be prepared to resend their requests if
   the server closes the connection before sending all of the
   corresponding responses.

   Clients SHOULD NOT pipeline requests using non-idempotent methods or
   non-idempotent sequences of methods (see section 9.1.2). Otherwise, a
   premature termination of the transport connection could lead to
   indeterminate results. A client wishing to send a non-idempotent
   request SHOULD wait to send that request until it has received the
   response status for the previous request.

As i understand this part a HTTP-Header parser should parse for a
'empty-line' and look after the 'empty-line' if a 'idempotent method' is
in the next line. If one of the 'idempotent method' is there i can
assume a pipline equest.

How do you handle pipline requests in the apache?


al ;-)

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