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From dean <>
Subject Re: 2.1.3 mod_disk_cache partial responses
Date Wed, 02 Feb 2005 21:44:03 GMT
Justin Erenkrantz wrote:
> --On Wednesday, February 2, 2005 12:25 AM +1100 dean 
> <> wrote:
>> My first thought was that Firefox has an issue. Then I installed 2.0.53
>> as a cache-proxy BUT I couldn't reproduce the above, Google logo loads
>> everytime.
>> Another simple page I tried is
>> Steps 1 -3 are same
>> 4. refresh page -> no css applied (liveheaders shows 200 OK), logo
>> appears broken (liveheaders show 206 Partial Response)
>> 5. delete temp int. files in IE6
>> 6. enter in browser bar -> logo loads fine but
>> no css applied
>> 7. hit refresh button -> page loads fine with css & logo
>> As before, I couldn't reproduce this with 2.0.53
>> Can you try reproduce this behaviour with 2.1.3 ??
> My hunch is that you are being hit by mod_proxy brokenness not mod_cache 
> issues.  2.0.53 uses the 'stable' mod_proxy, while 2.1.3 has a rewritten 
> mod_proxy - which still has significant issues.  For the most part, 
> 2.0.53's mod_disk_cache (i.e. from SVN 2.0.x branch) is mostly 
> equivalent to 2.1.3's mod_disk_cache.  So, if it works with 2.0.53 from 
> SVN and doesn't work with 2.1.3 from SVN, then I think mod_proxy is a 
> more likely culprit.
> I know that there were some fixes recently made to mod_proxy that might 
> help.  So, what revision of 2.1.3 are you trying?
> I know that Mladen fixed some race conditions, and I know Sander and I 
> have been making some recent commits in the last week to fix other 
> brokenness. And, there's still stuff that we know just doesn't work: 
> i.e. 'ProxyPass /foo/bar !'.  So, I don't think I can recommend 2.1.3 
> for proxy functionality as it needs a lot more care and feeding before 
> it is usable.
> Thanks!  -- justin
Thanks for your comments. The only reason I blamed mod_[disk]_cache is 
because the strange behaviour started happening once I enabled it. Proxy 
without cache seems to be working fine.
Im not sure where to find out the revision, but I checked out the src 
from cvs just before my first post. I just did another update and 
nothing has changed. Hope Im using the right command:
  cvs checkout -d httpd-2.1 httpd-2.0

I guess I'll have to wait for mod_proxy to mature bit more. Compliments 
to the developers, it works great with the new mod_filter which has some 
really cool potential

Thanks again

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