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From David Lichteblau <>
Subject Re: mod_cache and Etag headers
Date Tue, 08 Feb 2005 17:06:11 GMT
Justin Erenkrantz <> writes:
> First off, what version are you planning to use?  httpd 2.0.53 has a
> bunch of important fixes for the revalidation functionality.  The
> httpd trunk in SVN (2.1.3-dev as of right now) has a lot more fixes
> that are probably going to be important to seeing this work as a
> whole.

Right now I am looking at trunk, since 2.0.52 did not work.

Of course, it would be very helpful if this could be backported to 2.0
at some point.  Looking at the diff between 2.0.52 and 2.0.53, the
latter looks like trunk without your latest commits, so probably does
not work for us yet.

> Which cache provider are you using?  mod_disk_cache or mod_mem_cache?


> >   2. Apache then sends the 304 response along to the client, although the
> >      client did not send a conditional request at all and needs the full
> >      cached response.
> >
> >      There is a check in cache_save_filter() ("Were we initially a
> >      conditional request?"), but that check is not reached in this
> >      situation.
> Again, it should be.
> Okay, I just tried a reproduction of what I think you are doing and I
> found two obscenely small one-line bugs.  I just committed fixes in
> r151815 and r151816.  Can you please try trunk?  I expect it might
> work now.  =)

Thanks for your help!  With these commits things work better, but then
something funny happens:

The cached response _body_ is delivered to the client just fine, but
together with the 304 response _header_ just received from the upstream

Unfortunately I am not familiar with the sources and don't know how to
fix this myself right now.


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