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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Win32: install service in rewrite args rather than post_config?
Date Sun, 13 Feb 2005 21:03:54 GMT
At 06:00 PM 2/12/2005, Bill Stoddard wrote:
>Bill R correctly identified the reason I'd like to see 
>the service install occur before post-config. If the last 
>thing your installer does is install the service, the service 
>install will fail if there is a problem with httpd.conf. The 
>most likely problem is that some other service is using port 80 
>(or port 443, or whatever port you want httpd to listen on).

That and other issues.  I have a couple theories on this...

* Solve the port 80 (443...) problem simply by testing those
  ports in real_features.dll, a stub which our .msi invokes
  to test other real-world issues, today.  Add the choice of
  ports (default: 80) and run the user in a circle till they
  choose a valid port.

* If this is possible; Pipe the service install output to 
  a log file.  Present the user the results of that log file
  upon exit.  Hopefully, this provides some feedback of why
  it did not install.  [This is not as trivial in .msi as
  it might sound.]

There are a few other changes I'm working on to the installer
which will create other failure cases, such as running the
service as another user.  We can't safely move around a p/w
for that account without the possibility of it being snooped.
So if run-as-user is selected, we won't be starting the 
installed service, but taking them to the service control panel 
after creating that service for them to enter the p/w.

We also need to axe (force to shutdown) the ApacheMonitor.exe
taskbar applet on uninstall/upgrade/etc.  Working on that.

Finally the ApacheMonitor needs an extra option to dredge out
the Application Event MMC view, just like it can bring up the
Services view, or it's own expanded view.

Not to mention the green light/red light indicator is broken
in the taskbar.  My theory is, if any service set to start
'Automatic' is not started, the light should never be green.

Oh, and finally, we really shouldn't invert the icon color
next to the service name in the quick view when it has mouse
focus.  The service name can be inverted, but the inversion
changes red<>green lol.

All this and more as I have cycles, help is always welcome.


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