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From "Darryl L. Miles" <>
Subject LocationMatch within .htaccess
Date Thu, 24 Feb 2005 05:50:04 GMT

Is there any merit in allowing URL based matching within .htaccess 
files.  I'm not looking to modify Location/LocationMatch in any way but 
am suggesting a new directrive that really means RelativeLocation / 
RelativeLocationMatch so that its not confused with the existing 
Location matching process process.

This new directive would not care what the parent part of the URL was in 
order to get into the target directory but once there is could allow for 
matching at this level or at any sub-location (sub-directory) of this 
level.  Either absolute URLs (with a leading /) would become a config 
error or they would be taken as really mean "./".

I'm trying to use this from the context of mod_perl when I have a piece 
of perl library code that is the request handler for multiple URLs.  I 
can not use File matching directives otherwise I'd have to go around 
creating empty files so that the File matching code passed the basic 
file existance test it thats implied.  When coupled with wanting to use 
regex matching for any arbitary URL creating files for.

The variables I'm trying to set under this directive relate to mod_perl 
however after a full audit of all configuration directives I can't see 
why other safe config directives can not be defined as well.

I could of course use the Location within the httpd.conf but I don't 
feel what I'm trying to do should require any system administrator 
assistance to get done, I want to give the website developer this control.

Maybe I have overlooked an easier way to do is ?

Darryl L. Miles

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