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From Bill Stoddard <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Win32: install service in rewrite args rather than post_config?
Date Tue, 15 Feb 2005 15:24:07 GMT
William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
> At 06:00 PM 2/12/2005, Bill Stoddard wrote:
>>Bill R correctly identified the reason I'd like to see 
>>the service install occur before post-config. If the last 
>>thing your installer does is install the service, the service 
>>install will fail if there is a problem with httpd.conf. The 
>>most likely problem is that some other service is using port 80 
>>(or port 443, or whatever port you want httpd to listen on).
> That and other issues.  I have a couple theories on this...
> * Solve the port 80 (443...) problem simply by testing those
>   ports in real_features.dll, a stub which our .msi invokes
>   to test other real-world issues, today.  Add the choice of
>   ports (default: 80) and run the user in a circle till they
>   choose a valid port.
> * If this is possible; Pipe the service install output to 
>   a log file.  Present the user the results of that log file
>   upon exit.  Hopefully, this provides some feedback of why
>   it did not install.  [This is not as trivial in .msi as
>   it might sound.]

Sounds like complex solutions to a simple problem... Why not do this:
move the service install to pre_config (or rewrite_args). Then allow the service install step
to proceed 
through post_config as it does today. If post_config fails, the service will still be installed
but you will 
get a clear error message saying your service will not start until you resolve the issues
with httpd.conf. 
I'll work up a patch.


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