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From NormW <>
Subject Mod_Authnz_Ldap 'light on' for debug...
Date Sun, 06 Feb 2005 08:41:18 GMT
Greetings All,
Trying to ('trouble')shoot an authorisation issue with Mod_Authnz_Ldap, 
and find builtin 'assistance' somewhat sparse.

I finally got the 4 needed modules loaded (bigger config samples would 
be _very_ useful), a network traffic sniffer says the LDAP server is 
giving back the right info, but all I get in the logs (debug mode) is:

[debug] mod_authnz_ldap.c(365): [client <ip>] [1002] auth_ldap 
authenticate: using URL ldap://

[debug] mod_authnz_ldap.c(437): [client <ip>] [1002] auth_ldap 
authenticate: accepting admin

[debug] mod_authnz_ldap.c(793): [client <ip>] [1002] auth_ldap 
authorise: authorisation denied

Any chance of padding that sequence out please?


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