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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: re-do of proxy request body handling - ready for review
Date Wed, 02 Feb 2005 18:49:34 GMT
Ronald Park wrote:

> I was recently considering a similar patch for mod_proxy along the lines
> of spool_reqbody_cl() method but it would go one step further: spawning
> off a thread to asynchronously read the request into a temp file (or
> files) while the initial thread would continue to stream the io_bufsize
> chunks down the filter chain. This would 'untie' the original client
> and the proxy server in cases where they ran at different speeds (more
> a problem for *large* proxy files where one side or the other could be
> tied up waiting for the slower side for long periods of time... and
> poor Apache caught in the middle).
> I hadn't gotten too far along with my patch but with this, it's about
> 90% of the way done. :)

This is a job for mod_cache, not mod_proxy.

Mod_cache already supports the concept of spooling files to disk (or 
memory, or shared memory), and can be taught how to serve an 
incompletely downloaded file to other clients (apparently it cannot at 
the moment...?).

Adding this capability to proxy is making the proxy code unnecessarily 
complex, and leaves this real problem unsolved for other parts of httpd, 
like CGIs.


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