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From "Manoj Jain" <>
Subject Error with Apache 1.x web servers while posting data from one HTML page to another HTML page
Date Wed, 23 Feb 2005 13:46:11 GMT
> Hi
> I have two HTML pages hosted on Apache 1.3.33 web server on Solaris. 
> The first HTML page have some text fields and a submit button. On
> clicking the button this HTML page should posts the data to second
> HTML page. This has been done by specifying path for the second HTML
> page in the action attribute of the first HTML page. 
> For e.g. <Form action="error.html" Name="Login" METHOD="POST>
> But on clicking on the button I am getting error "The requested method
> POST is not allowed for the URL /error.html" 
> This scenario works fine on Apache 2.x based web servers. Also it
> works fine if I remove the "action" field from this "Form" tag. Please
> let me know if there are some specific settings are required to be
> done to make it work with Apache 1.x web servers. 
> Regards,
> Manoj Jain

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